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Concrete Care Guidelines:

1. **New Concrete Usage**: Please refrain from driving on newly poured concrete for a period of 7-10 days to allow for proper curing.

2. **Water Drainage**: Prevent water from seeping beneath the concrete slab, as this may lead to settlement cracks.

3. **Deicing Products**: Avoid using deicing chemicals, such as salt, for snow and ice removal. Instead, opt for sand to enhance traction.

   > **Warning**: Never use deicers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate (fertilizers) as these can harm concrete.

4. **Sealing**: We highly recommend applying a high-quality sealer. For the first two years after installation, consider sealing your concrete annually, and then every three years thereafter.

5. **Stain Removal**: When removing stains, refrain from using harsh acids. Utilize products specifically designed for concrete stain removal. In autumn, promptly remove leaves to prevent staining. Many stains of this nature will naturally fade over time due to exposure to UV sunlight.

Concrete Warranty and Customer Information:

At C&C Concrete Construction, LLC, our primary aim is to ensure the longevity and superior quality of your concrete flatwork. Whether it's your driveway, sidewalk, patio, garage, or basement floor, we are dedicated to your satisfaction as a valued customer.

Our team is well-trained in forming, pouring, and finishing concrete to meet and exceed industry standards.

We maintain close partnerships with our suppliers to offer you the latest and highest-quality materials available.

We provide a variety of finish options, including a common light broom finish, various stamped patterns, and the option to add color to the concrete. Another choice is an exposed aggregate finish with ¾” rock.

Regarding Cracks:

While we take every precaution to minimize cracking by using a high-performance 6-sack 4000psi concrete mix, incorporating rebar, installing control joints that surpass industry standards, and applying a premium-grade sealer, it's important to understand that concrete may still crack due to factors beyond our control. These factors can include weather conditions, freeze/thaw cycles, drought, land movement, and excessive weight. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that concrete will remain crack-free.

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